Whats new for Say No to Plastic in 2015

Welcome to the Doing your bit for the Environment website.         The sad fact is that while humans prosper all over the world, our extravagant use of natural resources and wanton disregard for the environment has put this world in danger.

Our environment is in danger

Our environment is in danger from global warming, and we are entirely to blame. No other species has ever been able to cause such widespread damage. We need to take action, as individuals, by doing things like installing solar panels in our homes, for example. Contact our team of experts on Doing your bit for the Environment for further details.


Fuel-efficient cars


Fuel-efficient cars
As major manufacturers wake up to consumer demand for less damaging types of transport, more and more money is being ploughed into greener vehicle design. They aren't an ideal solution for lots of reasons – traffic levels aren't reduced, and new roads still need to be built to accommodate them. And even though energy use and carbon emissions are lower, they are not eliminated entirely.

The way you drive affects how much fuel you use. Avoid sudden acceleration and braking. Aggressive driving leads to higher fuel consumption and more pollution. Switch your motor off if you're waiting for longer than 30 seconds. Don't wait too long before changing gears. Make sure your tyres are properly inflated and don't drive around with heavy items in the boot for longer than you need to.